27 Types of Dreams about Death & their Interpretations (2023)

Are you worried about having dreams about death or dreaming of someone dying?

It may be a dream about watching yourself dying or watching someone close to you taking their last breath. It’s totally possible that you woke up teary-eyed or out of breath.

Does this mean something bad is going to happen in your waking life? In this article, we will discuss how dreams are a reflection of what goes on in our waking life and how our subconscious mind takes it.

A logical approach to dream interpretation is surely going to give you all the hidden answers to your death dreams.

27 Types of Dreams about Death & their Interpretations (1)

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What does it mean when you dream about someone dying? [Death Dream Meanings]

Spiritual meaning of death in a dream

Biblical meaning of death in a dream

Who has death dreams most frequently?

Can you avoid or prevent having a death dream?

Questions to Ask Yourself to interpret Death Dreams

What does it mean when you dream about someone dying? [Death Dream Meanings]

Death dreams and very common and are doesn’t always imply “death”. It represents the ending of a certain phase of your life, further implying new beginnings.

There’s no doubt that dreams involving death are horrifying and devastating. The worst part about these dreams is that it feels immensely real and true.

It really makes us wonder what the dream was all about. To help you find the hidden meaning of your death dream, I’m starting with discussing the hidden meanings of the most common dreams about death.

To properly interpret these dreams, have a look at your daily life and you will find the hidden messages that your subconscious mind and higher self are trying to give you.

1. New beginnings

Let us start with the positive meaning of death dreams. If you see yourself dying in a dream, it means you are going to enter a new phase of your life and fresh positive beginnings are going to take over.

You may be starting a new career or moving ahead in your job, you may be getting married or divorced, you may be moving to a new place or starting something afresh – this dream means new things and changes are on your way and you are going to be happy about it.

2. Wake up Call

Dreaming suggesting death is also interpreted as a wake-up call. There is an area in your life where you need to focus in your waking life but you are constantly ignoring it.

Try to recall the way you felt in the dream. Now, try to remember which situation in real life made you feel the same way. If you find it, focus on the area and try to mend the issue. Such dreams also mean that you need to be cautious about your health.

3. Anxiety

Dreams about death are also your subconscious mind’s way of trying to understand and deal with anxiety. This is due to the stress you feel in real life or the habit of constantly worrying about things.

It’s common for people to stress about the small things and be over cautious about their responsibilities and other people’s behavior towards them. If you see death in your dream, you should try ways to provide peace to your mind and calm down yourself.

4. A part of you has died

Most of our dreams include dream symbols. By paying attention to these symbols, it’s easy to find what the dream meant. Dying is also a symbol for reflecting that a part of you has died.

It means that a part of you, like – your toxic patterns, destructive behavior, self-harming ways are coming to an end. The dream signifies you are going through a transformation where you are dropping the habits that were of no use.

5. Escape

Here we come to the dark side of death dreams. There are moments when we can no longer take the things life keeps throwing at us and all we want to do in that situation is to escape.

Are you struggling in your waking life? Are you feeling burdened by stress, worries, and hardships? Is your work or relationship not working out? Then probably dreaming about death means you have a strong desire to escape from the harsh situations.

6. Coping with Death

Are you at the stage of life where you are severely ill or trying to fight with life with each passing day? Then dreaming about death is not surprising.

Thinking about death is not anyone’s favorite pastime. We ignore this idea altogether but it silently enters our subconscious mind which is eager to know we are going to die. My message is to keep fighting like a warrior and strongly affirm that things are going to take a positive turn.

7. Resentment

The meaning of your dreams highly depends on the person and the feelings attached to them. Do you hate or dislike a person and see them dying in your dreams? The meaning is pretty clear here.

This person had caused trouble to you in the past or still continues to do it. You feel resentment for this person but often this feeling is not entertained by you much. Though subconsciously, you are very much affected by it which leads to having a dream about the death of this person.

8. Self-sacrifices

Do you always keep putting other people’s needs before yours? Do you find satisfaction in self-sacrifices? Then it’s your subconscious mind giving you a message to stop.

Caring for others is good. But forgetting that you deserve love and care too in the process is toxic and unfair to yourself. By dreaming about death, your mind is telling you to stop choking your own needs.

9. Missing characteristics

The hidden meaning of this dream can be determined by acknowledging the qualities of the person who died in your dream. What is the thing that you like the most about this person? What is the most prominent feeling that you associate with them?

This dream suggests that you are lacking a certain aspect of this characteristic in your life or relationship. It may be a toxic trait and you are thankful for its absence or its a positive quality and you crave to have it.

10. Fear of the unknown

No one knows what happens when we die. There are many beliefs which state that we go to heaven or we enter the gates of hell. There is uncertainty related to death and uncertainty calls for fear.

Having a dream about death means you are fearful of an unknown entity or a situation. If the death in the dream was because of an apocalypse, it certainly means you are uncertain about something in your life.

11. Loss/Grief

Our subconscious mind naturally associates death with grief and loss. Having a dream about death signifies you are mourning over something or someone in your life.

It can be a failed relationship, the sudden demise of a person, a lost job opportunity, or something similar for which you are feeling the intense emotions of loss and fear.

12. Change/Transition

The most common interpretation of this type of dream is an ongoing change or transition. This dream represents that you are undergoing a transitional phase in your life.

Though change is the constant rule of life and a significant requirement for us to evolve, this change is huge for you and can change the course of your long life. It’s like you are entering a different chapter of your life and reaching a different level.

Dreams about Death – 27 Types & its Interpretations

Dreams are a way by which we try to process our waking life. Dreams are extremely symbolic and full of hidden messages. By understanding our dreams, we can understand a lot about what is happening in our life and which things need our attention in the present moment.

Alternatively, the dream about death can have multiple interpretations depending on your situation and the background of the dream. To interpret your dreams, go through the following interpretations of the different types of dreams about death and find the hidden answers which you fail to pursue in waking life.

1. Dreams about yourself dying

Dreaming of your own death is scary and confusing at the same time. You are watching the death of your living body but still, you can feel everything normally. Such dreams are messengers that your life is going through a transitional state.

You are going to enter a transition where you will stop giving others the care and love they don’t return. With this change, you will focus on yourself and fulfill your own needs. You will indulge in self-love and self-care.

2. Dreaming of dead relatives

Dreaming of dead relatives is sad. During the dream, you can either feel intense emotions or can’t feel anything at all. Such dreams are common and non-threatening.

Having a dream about dead relatives is just a unique way by which your unconscious mind deals with the trauma of personal loss. By experiencing the event again or just watching the dead relative being present in your dream, your mind is trying to process everything in its own way to accept reality.

3. Dream about dad dying

Dreaming about your father dying has many interpretations depending on the current situation of your waking life. If your dad died in a dream, it means you need comfort from a loved one. It also means you have trapped emotions and it’s time to release them.

Watching a deceased father or the death of a parent also means your relationship with your parents has evolved and you are entering a new phase of relationship with them. This evolved relationship has more understanding and support.

4. Dream about mom dying

It’s a pleasure to see your mother in a dream but the emotions change instantly when you see your mother dying. Though, you don’t need to worry as this frightening dream is not going to be true in real life any time soon.

If you see your parents dying, it’s a sign that you need to come face to face with your worries and eliminate the stress from your life. If you see your dead mother, it means you are missing a mother figure in your life.

5. Dreams about loved ones dying

To find out the meaning of a dream which involves other people, you should always analyze what this person means to you. If you love someone and see this person dying in your dream, it means you are anxious about this person’s safety in waking life.

The death of a loved one in a dream signifies you care about this person too much. You are constantly worried about their safety, well-being, and health in real life. It’s normal to have such dreams if the loved one is traveling to a distant place or is sick in real life.

6. Dream about brother dying

If you see the death of a brother in a dream, the dead brother signifies the loss of brotherly love and friendship in your life. Brothers represent a bond of friendship so if you see a deceased brother in your dream, it means your friendship is suffering. This indicates you should try to offer more love and attention in your friendships.

If you see the older brother dying, it means you are trying to be independent and break the chains of authority. If you see the younger brother dying, it means you are losing the immature and irresponsible aspect of yourself in waking life.

The dream can also be your mind’s way of wish fulfillment. It’s better if you consider talking to your brother in waking life.

7. Dream of friend dying

Sometimes, when you see a friend dying in your dream, it means your relationship with your friend is undergoing a transition – a negative or a positive one. Your friend’s death in a dream also represents the most dominant characteristic of them and what they represent to you.

If the friend represents laziness, selfishness, greed, etc… it means you are witnessing the personal death of these qualities in your waking life. If your close friend dies in a dream, it means you no longer feel the need to have this friendship.

8. Dreaming of old friends dying

This dream is symbolic of your daily life in which you are overworked and overstressed. The image of old friends or childhood friends dying in your dream is the representation of the child within you who is feeling suffocated and is on the verge of collapsing during lack of fun in waking life.

The death of an old friend is a warning that you should take a break from your busy schedule. Sometimes, it’s okay to have fun and be irresponsible for the sake of your mental health.

9. Dream of child dying

The death of a child in a dream is the representation of the painful struggle of the inner child residing within you. If you are dreaming of a child and it dies in your dream, it means you are handling so many things at once that you have left no time for yourself.

You have tons of problems to deal with which leaves no room for enjoyment. You fail to appreciate the small things in life and you are always looking for the bigger picture.

10. Dreaming of dead people

If you are having dreams about dead people, it’s time to analyze some facts. Are you missing the deceased person in real life? Was their death untimely or due to a sudden accident?

Sometimes, you see a dream about a dead person because you miss the deceased loved one. On the other times, the dead person had some unfulfilled wishes when they had an untimely death and now, they are trying to contact you in order to fulfill those wishes. If there was no proper funeral and the last rites of the person were not according to their wish, they can come to meet you in your unconscious state to ask for help.

11. Dream about boyfriend dying

Dreams are symbolic. If you are constantly stressing over “Why is it that in my dream my boyfriend died?” Then it’s time to concentrate on your waking life and relationship dynamics.

Death is the symbol of change, end, and a new beginning. Are you noticing changes in the behavior of your boyfriend? Isn’t he acting weird and distant nowadays? Are you losing interest in your boyfriend? Then the dream confirms that your relationship is either going to hit the rock bottom or going to reach another level.

12. Dreams about girlfriend dying

Are you wondering “Why I had a dream that my girlfriend died?” Then it’s time to answer a few questions –

Do you think your girlfriend isn’t interested in playing a significant part in your life anymore? According to dream analysts, you have a fear of losing your partner due to which you are having such negative dreams. It is also possible that you want to end the relationship but your girlfriend isn’t ready to make the decision. As a result, you see a dream where your girlfriend died and you are free.

13. Dreams about stranger dying

If you close your eyes after a long day and a stranger dies in your dream, it is a good omen and it signifies you are going to see your income flourishing.

If the stranger was in their old age, it means it’s time to eliminate your old bad habits such as drinking, smoking, or betting in order to gracefully move ahead in life. The dream also suggests taking things slowly and giving yourself time before making a significant decision.

14. Dream of pet dying

When a pet dies in a dream, its spiritual meaning lies close to your inner child and its love for the comfort zone. As children, we are dependent on our mother, father, or a pet for comfort. Disposing of a pet causes a dramatic effect on the mind of a child who is not able to cope up with the sudden change.

When you dream about a dying pet, it means you need to come out of your comfort zone. If the pet was dying and you felt almost nothing wrong about it, it means you are finally ready to emerge as an independent person.

15. Dreams about your own son/daughter dying

Having a dream about the death of your own child reflects your concern for the child. It also strikes a direct relation with your inner child.

Our inner child is always present deep inside us. All we need to do is to pamper the child and erase the traces of trauma we faced as a kid. Children also represent new beginnings and the future. This dream signifies you need to pay attention to your future and prepare for it.

16. Dreams about someone who passed away in real life

The appearance of someone who passed makes for one of the troubling dreams. It leaves you sad and confused at the same time.

But if the person who has passed away in real life talks to you in the dream and seems to be happy, calm, and at peace, then the dream reveals that the passed away person came for visitation in your dream. It’s good news that the soul of the person is calm and it leaves you with happiness and joy.

17. Nonsensical dream about death and dying

Have you ever had a nonsensical dream? In such dreams, people dream about different timelines, different stories, and different people all at once. At once, they are hanging out with a stranger reading their childhood diary, then their ex appears out of nowhere, and then they are sitting in their classroom with their favorite celebrity.

Such dreams make no sense and in reality, there is nothing to predict about them. Instead, such dreams mean that your mind is trying to process your daily life and if you die in this dream, then it means you are incapable to process the fast-paced events of your life.

18. Dreams about dying from Suicide

The symbolic meaning of suicide is the intense desire of ending something. Is there something in your life that you want to quit? It can be a job or a relationship. The wish-fulfilling tactics of your unconscious mind are weird.

The dream also means that you want to receive care and love from your parents but they are not available. As a result, you are trying to destroy the emotions and pain you feel because of your parents.

19. Dreams about dying from car crash

Dreaming about dying from a car crash means your emotions are going to be released. It also means that you are going to be more prepared to face the everyday struggles of daily life.

20. Dreams about dying from drowning

Water is associated with our emotions. When you dream about dying from drowning, it’s your unconscious mind stating that soon there will be an upsurge of intense emotions in your waking life.

21. Dreams about dying from falling

When you dream about dying from falling, it means you want to achieve something big in life and it’s going to be hard to get it. You may see obstacles along the way and you need to be prepared.

Depending upon your situation, it also means you are facing a lack of personal space in your waking life. It’s time to speak up and spend some time alone. Also, if you see someone else falling in your dream, it means you are immature in some parts of your life.

22. Dreams about death of an animal

The death of an animal in your dream can reflect an element of your life that has been ruined and destroyed. The element can be your career, a goal, or a relationship.

Try to remember the state in which the animal was after its death. Try to remember the degree to which it was discomposed or ruined. The important element of your life has been ruined to the same degree and the state of the animal represents the state of your dreams, goals, and relationship that is coming to its end or has already ended.

23. Dreams about celebrities dying

You may wake up from the dream and think – “What on earth was that dream for?” Dreaming about a celebrity dying is sure to leave you confused.

But in such cases, the celebrities in your dream symbolically represent the qualities they possess and what they meant for you. So, try to analyze their dominant quality to which you relate the most – charisma, hard work, talent in specific fields, career, kindness, meanness, etc. and check if these qualities are ending for you in your waking life.

24. Dreams about family members dying

If you see the death of your family members in a dream, it’s time to find the ways in which they affect you the most. What are their qualities that you absolutely hate and dislike? The dream says that it’s time to say goodbye to the toxic qualities that the family member represents.

The dream also means that your relationship with them has changed or is changing. You don’t share the same equation as you used to share before – the effects of this can be both negative and positive.

25. Dreams about you attending your own funeral

If your dream shows you attending the funeral of your own physical death, it means you are losing an aspect of yourself or a long-time situation is coming to an end.

Attending one’s own funeral is a common dream for those who are nearing their death and are at the last phase of their life. The dream also represents your repressed feelings and fears. Instead of dealing with these feelings, you are repressing them. It’s time to confront them and find a solution to the situation.

26. Dreams about someone else’s funeral

Attending someone else’s funeral in a dream indicates your fears of losing someone or something. It also indicates your fear of losing control over a situation.

Apart from this, the dream also signifies that you have accepted a situation, came in terms with it and moved ahead in life. Also, if the person was someone who negatively affects your life, then attending their funeral means finally deciding that this person cannot hurt you anymore. The pain and misery is in the past.

27. Waking up from a dream before dying

There is a popular belief that people die peacefully when they are dreaming about dying in their sleep. Contrary to this belief, we always wake up before we die in a dream. This happens when we are not watching the dream from a third-person perspective.

According to psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber, we always wake up from a dream before dying or just after death as we don’t know what happens after death and our mind lacks the data to process what happens to us after our souls leave our bodies.

Spiritual meaning of death in a dream

Sigmund Freud in his book “The Interpretation of Dreams” mentioned that dreams are a way of fulfilling the desires that we are looking to accomplish in the waking life. They are also a means by which our unconscious mind sends us signals, messages, and warnings.

If you had dreams about death, then these dreams revealed the things you want to see as true events in real life. It also points out your dominating thoughts and how they are affecting you in real life.

For instance, if you were naked in public before dying in the dream, it means you are insecure about yourself and worried about others’ opinions about you. The insecurity is so intense that it interferes with your daily life. The enlightened or spiritual meaning of this dream also signifies that you are going to enter a higher level of enlightenment and spiritual awareness.

Biblical meaning of death in a dream

According to the Bible, dreams are considered to be misleading. The fact is actually true. If you don’t know how to interpret the hidden meaning of a dream, you will fail to acknowledge God’s message hidden in them and you will depend solely on the images believing they are true.

Thus, if you see yourself or a person special to you dying in a dream, it doesn’t mean someone is going to die. Instead, the dream that occurred has hidden meanings in them.

Look for the details and trust Jesus to show you the way to truth. If you fail to reach a satisfying solution, move towards reading the Bible, pray to Jesus, and soon you will find a way out of whatever’s troubling you.

Who has death dreams most frequently?

People who are entering or exiting a new phase of their life are most likely to have this dream. These people are most uncertain about the future. As a result, anxiety builds up and expresses itself in dreams.

People who are nearing their death, people who are witnessing someone nearing their death or people who have witnessed a person dying are also more vulnerable to having death dreams.

Can you avoid or prevent having a death dream?

According to the dream dictionary, dreams about death symbolize inner changes transformation which represents discovery and positive development. It also represents the ongoing struggle of your life and the need to end them. Hence, when you have death dreams, the focus should be on finding the root cause instead of trying to prevent the dream.

Find the root cause of the dream – stress, struggles, problems, etc. and deal with them. When you start dealing with the main issues, the dreams about death will start to disappear. If you wake up from such a dream, it’s advised to take out a journal and write each and every detail about the dream.

Then, try to connect the loopholes and interpret the dreams. Once you know the problem, nothing can stop you from finding the solution.

Questions to Ask Yourself to interpret Death Dreams

To interpret the death dreams you are having, consider asking yourself the following questions and answer honestly about them –

  1. How was the death dream like? Was it relaxing and easy or was it a horrifying and violent murder? The first case implies a positive change or transition in your life. The second case implies violent feelings like hate, anger, and jealousy.
  2. Who was the person who died in the dream? Were they close to you? Were they someone you hate or someone you love? Or, were they a stranger?
  3. What were your emotions during the dream? Were you happy and relaxed? Were you sad and miserable? Or, were you in pain and agony? Were you numb?
  4. What was happening in the dreams other than death? Try to remember the other details like the place and the people who were in the dream other than the dying person.
  5. What was the background of the dream? Was it your childhood home, office, or your favorite place?

In the end, even after interpreting these dreams and implementing all the possible solutions, if you still feel troubled… don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Sometimes, a counselor can help you resolve the deep-hidden issues that are the root cause of these dreams… but you didn’t know they existed!


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