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Located in the seaside town of Bournemouth, the Arts University has its traces in the early 20th century and had its foundation laid in 1992. It ranks 401–500 according to the “THE World University Rankings 2022” and is one of the leading media and art colleges in the United Kingdom. Its flexible courses and student-friendly environment has attracted students from over 150 countries globally. Arts University Bournemouth is the only Centre for Excellence in Media Practice in the UK. Students who have had their alma mater from BU’s National Centre for Computer Animation have progressively worked with award-winning movies like Gravity, Star Wars, Gladiator, and Lord of the Rings. If you have a keen inclination towards the disciplines of humanities and media, Arts University Bournemouth is the perfect choice for your dreams. Check this blog for details regarding enrolment and other facts about BU.

This Blog Includes:
  1. Why Study at Arts University Bournemouth?
  2. Arts University Bournemouth Rankings
  3. Arts University Bournemouth Application Deadlines 2022
    1. Undergraduate Level 4 (First Year) and Level 5 (Second Year)
    2. Undergraduate Level 5 (Third Year)
    3. Postgraduate (February 2022 Intake)
  4. Arts University Bournemouth Acceptance Rate
  5. Academic Courses at Arts University Bournemouth
  6. Eligibility Criteria
    1. Documents Required
    2. UK Visa Requirements for International Students
  7. Application Process
  8. Scholarships at Arts University Bournemouth
  9. Research Opportunities at Arts University Bournemouth
  10. Career and Employment at Arts University Bournemouth
  11. Arts University Bournemouth Notable Alumni

Student Life in the UK

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What is UCAS?

Study in UK

LocationBournemouth, Dorset, UK
Total No. of Students2,610 international students.
No.of Campuses2
EligibilityIELTS (6.5-7) ; PTE (58-62)

Why Study at Arts University Bournemouth?

Wondering why you should study at the Arts University Bournemouth? Here are some reasons to solidify your doubts:

  • Quality Education:Arts University Bournemouth has recently received gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework which examines the quality of teaching across UK universities for consistently providing outstanding teaching, learning, and outcomes for their students.
  • Favoured Location:The university has a great coastal location, features award-winning beaches, a vibrant arts scene, and exceptional natural beauty. Bournemouth’s artistic community provides a wealth of creative inspiration
  • Graduate Opportunities:According to Times Higher Education, the University is the UK’s number 1 specialist university for employability with a graduate employment rate of 97% the last five years.
  • Outstanding Facilities:AUB has made significant investments in industry-standard technology and facilities to prepare you for a career in the creative industries. AUB has the first purpose-built drawing studio at a UK art school and the Bournemouth film school is known worldwide for its industry-standard films and graduate successes

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Arts University Bournemouth Rankings

SourceRankings and Reputation
Teaching Excellence FrameworkGOLD
Which University Survey 2012 – Creative University Category1st Position
Which University Survey 2018 – Creative University CategoryNominated in Top 5
The Sir Misha Black Award 2016Earned this Award for First Institute of Art
Queen’s Anniversary PrizeFor Higher and Further Education
Sunday Times Guide 2021Top Specialist University in the UK
Complete University Guide Rankings 2022Top 50 Universities

Arts University Bournemouth Application Deadlines 2022

As per UCAS, the application deadline for 2022 for Arts University Bournemouth admissions is Wednesday 26, January 2022. This is the closing date for equal consideration, however, you could apply at any time till 30 June 2022. UCAS clearing opens in July.

Below are the term dates for Undergraduate – Level 4 (first year) and 5 (second year), Level – 6 (third year), and postgraduate for 2021/2022.

Undergraduate Level 4 (First Year) and Level 5 (Second Year)

Induction (Level 4 only)4 October 2021 – 8 October 2021
Autumn Term11 October 2021 – 17 December 2021
Spring Term17 January 2022 – 25 March 2022
Summer Term19 April 2022 – 24 June 2022

Undergraduate Level 5 (Third Year)

Autumn Term11 October 2021 – 17 December 2021
Spring Term10 January 2022 – 1 April 2022
Summer Term19 April 2022 – 10 June 2022
Graduation5 July 2022 – 6 July 2022

Postgraduate (February 2022 Intake)

Orientation11 February 2022 – 15 February 2022
Spring Term15 February 2022 – 3 June 2022
Easter Break1 April 2022 – 6 April 2022
Summer Term13 June 2022 – 23 September 2022
Autumn Term3 October 2022 – 27 January 2023
Christmas Break23 December 2023 – 3 January 2023

Arts University Bournemouth Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for Arts University Bournemouth admissions for UG and PG courses is 35%. Arts University Bournemouth is one of the universities that does not publish information on acceptance rates. This may occur because a university offers programs in which an applicant merely needs to complete admission standards and is not required to compete with other applicants.

Academic Courses at Arts University Bournemouth

Apart from media and animation being the highlight courses of Arts University Bournemouth, it also offers over 150 UG courses and 100 PG courses with a professional faculty of over 1500 people for guidance. The following is a complete list of courses offered by the university.

Undergraduate CoursesPostgraduate Courses
Accounting, Finance & EconomicsAccounting, Finance & Economics
Archaeology & AnthropologyArchaeology & Anthropology
Business, Management & MarketingBusiness & Management
Communication & JournalismComputer Animation & Visual Effects
Computer Animation, Games & Visual EffectsComputing & Informatics
Computing & InformaticsDesign & Engineering
Design & EngineeringHealth
Health & Social CareJournalism, English & Communication
Life & Environmental SciencesLife & Environmental Sciences
History, Politics & Social StudiesMarketing
Media, Film, TV & Music ProductionMedia Production
Medical SciencePolitics
Tourism, Hospitality & EventsSocial Work
SportSport, Tourism, Hospitality & Events

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Eligibility Criteria

International students need to check the entrance requirements for enrollment. For complete guidance with the admission process, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu who will provide a step-by-step procedure. The following are a few points to keep in check before applying for any course at BU.

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  • Having completed 10+2 years of education. For an undergraduate course, an average percentage of at least 65% is necessary. (some courses will require this to be higher)
  • A minimum IELTS score of 6.5
  • For postgraduate courses, a bachelor’s degree is required. Some courses also require a portfolio.

Documents Required

Here are some of the important documents that are required for international students seekings admission at the Arts University Bournemouth in 2022:

  • Official affirmation of your latest secondary school grades
  • Proof of all academic transcripts
  • SOPandLORs(2 for postgraduate programs)
  • Proof of yourEnglish language proficiency
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • A passport &UK Student Visa
  • Bank Statements

UK Visa Requirements for International Students

International students can start the visa process up to three months before the start of their course. They are required to submit the following documents for UK student visa filing:

  • Passport
  • CAS request form
  • Copy of deposit payment confirmation
  • Academic transcripts
  • Financial support proof
  • Consent from parent or guardian
  • Scores of English language proficiency
  • Proof of relationship with parents (for those below the age of 18)
  • Tuberculosis test results

Application Process

Apply via UCAS for Arts University Bournemouth admissions. Candidates can apply to any of the 23 creative degree courses, including entry to the second and third years. The UCAS code for Arts University Bournemouth is A66. Visit the official website ofUCASand start your application process.

Step 1: Apply through UCAS:The university will make decisions regarding your application based on your completed UCAS form. Make a list of all the qualifications you have and are currently pursuing. You can also tell us about any previous employment experience you have.

Step 2: Track your application:UCAS Hub allows you to keep track of the status of all of your applications. They will send you an email with your login information for the online portal after they’ve received your application.

Step 3: Attend on-campus interviews:Applicants for some of our courses will be required to attend an on-campus interview. Similarly, some of the courses will host on-campus auditions, and if you are selected for an audition, you will be given further information about this.

(Video) UNI Q&A! (part uno): my uni accommodation + best uni accommodations in Bournemouth, why i chose AUB?

Step 4: Accept your offer and get results:You can get notified via UCAS Track once the university reaches a decision. Within 10 working days, you should receive your results. In case of delay, you will be notified. Even if your offer is for deferred admission, you must meet the requirements of your offer before August 31 to be able to take up your position.

Step 5: Receive a confirmation letter:Selected candidates will receive a confirmation letter and a welcome guide to the course. UCAS will also update you regarding accommodation options, your visa application, and enrolment.

Note: To know specific details about a particular course, call us at 088262 00293.

Scholarships at Arts University Bournemouth

Arts University Bournemouth offers students scholarships based on their academic merit and other skills. The following is a comprehensive list for students to avail of funds from.

BU Sport Scholarship(INR 4,62,100)Engineering, Computers, Science
BU Commonwealth Shared Scholarship (Bournemouth University)(INR 19,78,797)Business
Chevening Scholarship- Bournemouth University (MBA)(INR 18,23,375)Business
Academic Excellence Scholarship (for PG courses)(INR 3,08,910)Engineering, Computers, Business

Research Opportunities at Arts University Bournemouth

Research in any institute is extremely crucial for the implementation of theoretical knowledge for the environment and society. Arts University Bournemouth offers research studies in various departments. BU has a powerful and skilled research faculty who were recently analyzing the genocide in Iraq, Bosnia, and Rwanda. The following are the various fields of research offered by the university:

  • Faculty of Health & Social Science
  • Faculty of Media & Communication
  • Faculty of Science & Technology
  • The BU Business School
  • Business & economic sustainability
  • Digital & technological futures
  • Environment, culture & heritage
  • Global security
  • Health & wellbeing

Career and Employment at Arts University Bournemouth

Arts University Bournemouth also hosts various career fairs for students to explore after completion of their academics:

(Video) My university room tour - Arts University Bournemouth

  • The University has a special team of advisers for career-related assistance.
  • The team of Advisers supports students in their search for part-time jobs during the academic years. They also help students find permanent jobs after the completion of the graduation course.
  • The team provides feedback on students’ CVs and offers practice interviews for students.
  • The recruitment fairs by BU introduce students to globally famous companies like JP Morgan, John Lewis, Microsoft, Intel, and Disney.
  • A recent event at the college is their career week (19th October-23rd October) which provides opportunities for students from different courses and years.
  • The university also enhances skills that are demanded by employees through their weekly workshops.

Arts University Bournemouth Notable Alumni

The Arts University Bournemouth has a history of respectable and famous notable alumni who have built successful careers. A few noteworthy alumni are:

  • Nick Hector (Award-Winning Filmmaker and Editor)
  • David Andrew Amess (Politician)
  • Carl Ashmore (Children’s Author)
  • Angela Browning (Politician)
  • Charles Mark Hansel (Psychologist and Academic)
  • Paul Kavanagh (Oscar-Nominated Visual Effects Artist)
  • Dan O’Hagan (BBC Commentator)

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Hence, we hope that this blog helped you explore the key facts and features of the Arts University Bournemouth! Studying at BU is truly an opportunity for you to build yourself and also avail world-class knowledge. For any assistance, get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you throughout the application process to ensure that every aspect of your candidature is perfect. Sign up for a free session with us today!


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