How to join Reddit without an email - Inboxes App (2023)

Reddit is one of the largest communities on the internet today, and is currently the 18th most popular website on the internet today, while also ranking 7th for the US. With so many users, many will want to join Reddit without an email that they use every day.

Its users share lots of different content such as post images, videos and write about many different topics in subreddits which discuss science, memes, travel tips, cute animals, NSFW content, politics and more.

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There are currently 52 million daily active users on reddit contributing to different subreddits. While many do not post, a term called “lurking”, being a user allows them to curate a home page of content which they are interested in. This is how Reddit has become to be known as “the homepage of the internet”.

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Do I need an email address to sign up to Reddit?

Yes. Reddit used to allow registration with just a username and password, but this is no longer possible.

Is Reddit free to sign up to?

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Yes. Reddit is free to sign up to. Communities have rules and guidelines, so make sure you read them and follow them.

Can I sign up to Reddit without giving my real email address?

Yes. Using you can use a generated email and not provide them with your real email.

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Why does Reddit need my email?

Reddit will require an email to register new users to their platform. This is to stop abuse and to send regular emails which users may find interesting. Reddit is generally regarded as a good company, and does not have reason to send out marketing emails, but for privacy reasons, or to create multiple accounts, users may wish to not use their normal email addresses.

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How can I join reddit without an email?

Time needed:2 minutes

You can join Reddit without your email using these steps:

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  1. Go to the Reddit home page
  2. At the top of the page, press the “sign up” button
  3. Where it asks for your email, paste the one provided by the Inboxes browser extension.
  4. Select a username and password
  5. Keep your login details safe!

    Note down your username, email and password. Your browser should be able to save them for you.

  6. Verify your account by checking for the email in the Inboxes browser extension

What Plans does Reddit have?

Users wishing to buy Reddit Premium will be able to remove ads, gain extra coins, gift coins, use a custom app icon and get special avatars. There’s currently two plans: monthly and yearly.

Monthly allows users to get all the above perks for £6.49 a month.

Yearly allows users to get all of the above with a 25% discount at £58.99 a year.

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